Vocal Improv Workshops & Vocal Coaching

Vocal improv as a team building experience was fantastic. Martina created a space to connect, listen and express as a team in a completely unique way that energised and inspired. And of course, we had fun, loosened up and now have a connection point we won’t soon forget! I highly recommend Martina for team development and can’t wait for another opportunity to play with vocal improv! ” - Gin Balfour @ LEGO Group.
Thanks for a very special and really inspiring impro choir session last night. My choir members loved it - even thought it was transcendent. That’s good for our souls I believe” - Marie Hjorth Matthiesen

We improvise daily without even knowing it. Nearly every conversation we have is unscripted conversation, but when we are asked to improvise we suddenly freeze with fear, or go blank. Add singing into the mix and ‘double fear, freezing and blankness’ takes over. Martina ‘s Vocal Improv Events and Team Building Workshops can help move participants through fear, and help foster trust, teamwork, communication, confidence, and improve overall group/choir/company culture.   

“Singing has been an essential human trait for tens of thousands of years. It was traditionally a community building exercise that everyone participated in.” Daniel Levitin 

Learning to sing together boosts listening skills, collaboration, brainstorming skills, self-confidence, presentation skills, and creative problem solving. It encourages innovation, creative thinking, letting go of judgements, support for others ideas, and out of the box thinking. Lastly, it reduces stress, elevates moods, all while creating a feeling of unity, belonging, and connection that otherwise in today’s world is challenging.  

“The act of listening when singing in groups causes participants' brain responses to synchronize with one another. Daniel Levitin

Life is an Improv, so why not get good at it?”

Martina facilitates various lengths of Vocal Improv Workshops 

From 1 hour sessions - up to 2 days.  

Private Vocal Coaching is also available for those who wish to work on voice training, performance, or vocal improv skills.

Martina Griffiths has been studying, teaching and performing Vocal Improv for over 20 years. Her vocal improvisational teachers include Rhiannon, Joey Blake, David Worm, to name a few. She has a Music Diploma with a major in Jazz Vocals and is a professional contemporary vocalist.