"A vocally dynamic performer, a natural story teller, with an awesome range"

Vancouver-based vocalist Martina Griffiths is a natural storyteller, a vocally dynamic performer with an awesome range. She croons an eclectic compilation of standards, cover tunes and originals, smoothly transitioning from Prince's haunting ballad "When Doves Cry" and Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" to the popular jazz standards "God Bless The Child" and "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon." And, most recently adding to her repertoire with her tribute to Canadian songwriters with Andy Kim's " Rock me Gently", Justin Bieber's "Baby", and Joni Mitchell's 'Woodstock.'

"I'm a Gemini," laughs Griffiths. "I am diverse. I enjoy exploring many different musical genres and all the emotional notes of an individual song. A vocalist is an interpreter and every song is open to interpretation. I enjoy exploring where a song can take me emotionally. Sometimes it may take me places I would have never expected. Music is a never-ending adventure."

Griffiths has performed at Vancouver's prestigious Orpheum Theatre, Ottawa's popular Women's Voices Festival, the Vancouver Sacred Music Festival, plus shared stages with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Vancouver Women's Chorus, Miles Black, Sal Ferreras, and Rhiannon. Martina has toured in Europe, performing as a featured guest at Schouwburg Amphion's Jazz Event in the Netherlands with renowned jazz pianist Karel Giltay. Her Jazz Ensemble, and Vocal Improvisation Group has performed at art gallery openings, cabarets and national festivals. As well Martina can be seen at regular house gigs at local Vancouver restaurant/lounges.

Her debut CD 'Powerful Baby' is a sizzling collection of originals and standards, drawing from jazz, blues, musical theatre and Latin influences, and delivered in Griffiths' playfully seductive vocal style. Her sophomore CD 'Picture This...,' Griffiths experimented again with different genres. "My producer Tony said he could hear me smiling as I sang. Some of the songs are my heartfelt figuring out of life and love and some are just plain wacky, like the theme to 'Spiderman.' I loved the show when I was a kid and would sing the theme at the top of my lungs."

After living in New York for a year Martina was inspired to create a tribute to Canadiana and Canadian songwriters with a Fun Fused Great Canadian Songbook Volume 1 concert series.

The Great Canadian Songbook Volume 1 includes a range of decades and genres from Joni Mitchell to Justin Bieber and Neil Young spiced with an original song 'Divine' that is a heart filled anthem to the beauty of Canadian nature and landscape. "I lived in NYC for a year and was filled with sweet nostalgia and appreciation for all things Canadian," said Martina. "I guess it's true that you need to be away from things to appreciate them and gain perspective."

The first show of the Great Canadian Songbook Volume 1 at The Emerald Room in Vancouver was a sold out show that took the audience on a night of footstomping with the Calgary Stampeders 'Sweet City Woman,' laughing out loud with her coy teasing of Justin Beiber's 'Baby,' teary eyed in her heart plucking rendition of Joni Mitchell 'Woodstock,' and puddly romantic and swaying to Andy Kim's 'Rock Me Gently.'


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